Values underlying all the work we do.

Communication – Our practices and tools are centered on enabling effective communication among the whole team (you the customer and we the developers are part of the same team). And, we cut out as many layers as possible in-between.

Simplicity – “What is the simplest thing that could possibly work?” For programmers, keeping the design simple and the code clean allows for the gradual evolution of an application. For customers, finding the smallest system that delivers business value and growing the application from that point allows for maximum business value.

Feedback – Feedback occurs at key points in a development cycle: programmers receive immediate feedback from unit tests, managers receive feedback on costs, and customers give feedback from their hands-on use of software builds.

About Us

Founded in 1998 by a group of academicians, Faulkner Media Holdings has grown to be one of the premier private educational investments organizations in Florida. The academicians’ vision was to build a suite of products that was aimed at building and shaping education for the 21st century. The group has grown with a portfolio that covers the higher education life-cycle as well as vocational training and development.

Throughout its history, the group has stressed tight quality control in all its education systems so that the group produces the skilled minds that are required to make educational development sustainable. To achieve this requirement, the group’s investments align their educational content and structure to match the new demands of the global market, knowledge economy and high quality intellectual capital.

Why Choose Us

E-learning is basically a form of learning through various electronic mediums like computers, Internet, virtual classrooms, audio, video, satellite TV and CD-ROMs. It provides a large amount of independence and freedom to follow a routine that is convenient and in tune with the time available in busy lives. There are no strict routines to be followed, no commuting problems, learning at a time that is at the student's discretion and the best part is the access to courses irrespective of the location and to unlimited related content.

We handcraft every piece of software we write…

Practicing software development as a craft is human centric and not technology centric. Practitioners of this craft know that software is much more than just a good process, though good process is important. Proficiency in our trade is developed through challenging projects, directed learning, and apprenticing one’s self to other masters of this trade. We see our professional development in terms of the old world guild model. Getting better at development is a journey from apprentice to master of the craft.

Interaction Design that Matters

We are a company that cares how a product works and what it says to its users. There is no reason why your custom software should be difficult to understand or confusing to use. We’re finding innovative ways to integrate great design into great software and to learn along with you what your software wants to be.